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Sunday, August 23, 2015

My trusty Creative EP-630 has given out after 5 years of usage and i wanted to have a replacement for it. I had read about Monoprice earphones from head fi [look at their helpful list] and thought it would be the best fit. Since it is US only, why can't these companies come to India?, and bought it for more than double its price online via Ebay.


The build made of non plastic thread like material is a good change and feels of good quality. But the wires get tangled quite easily, be prepared for that.


The earphones with earbuds of three sizes, I have misplaced them, as a result I’m stuck with the ones that they came with. The comfort is good, though not always, which may be a problem with the placement in the ear.


Compared to EP-630, it has a better audio clarity, medium bass and sounds great for music with instruments.But the noise isolation disappoints compared to EP-630. May be an extra pair of earbuds may do the trick. Having read about very good noise isolation i was a bit disappointed.


For the price I bought on Ebay Rs. 1400, it's a bit overpriced, but if you have someone in the US, you can get it for half that. Otherwise EP-630 is a good alternative, if you want better noise cancellation.

Note: I have also used SoundMagic ES 18 but it's nowhere good as both EP-630 and Monoprice.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Opera's Off-Road mode provides a proxy based compression service which helps to reduce data usage and speeds up browsing in slow connections. Google has implemented the same feature in Chrome Mobile but not in the desktop version.

Now Google operating system blog (unofficial) has got a tip from a reader that you can get the same feature on your Chrome desktop version using an extension.

You can read more on the blog here Enable Data Compression Proxy in Chrome for Desktop. I have tested the extension and seems to work like advertised with slight speedup and savings up to 60%. This may vary for you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Opera has scrapped plans of releasing Opera 12 and has instead focused on releasing Opera 11.60. The first beta has been released today and the update brings some big changes.
The update brings some big changes under hood like a new HTML5 parser Ragnarök to handle the shiny new HTML5 web pages faster. Also improvements have been made to Carakan JavaScript engine to use less memory while loading java script heavy pages.
Improvements have been made to address field including better search and history suggestions, the favorite button seen earlier in Opera Mini and Mobile made its way to the desktop browser too.The mail client has also got  a major face lift.



Saturday, November 5, 2011

Linux Mint 11 which stuck with Gnome 2 instead of using Ubuntu Unity and rightly so as there market share increased by 40 per cent.This shows that people are not fan of neither Unity nor Gnome 3 and the developers has heeded the users to take a new approach.
Linux Mint 12 will use GNOME 3 but will be heavily modified with MGSE(Mint Gnome Shell Extension) which is a layer on top to give Gnome 2 feel.

The main features in MGSE are:

  • The bottom panel
  • The application menu
  • The window list
  • A task-centric desktop (i.e. you switch between windows, not applications)
  • Visible system tray icons
There will be also more modifications but will also retain new features of GNOME 3 like activities and you could disable the modifications to give a true GNOME 3 feel.
The RC version is expected to be released on November 11 and final version on 20 though it may change.
Read more about the changes from Linux Mint Blog

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thought 5gb free with DropBox was the best you can get think again Backify gives you 512GB of free backup with mobile streaming what more?.

Registering was a breeze and there is dedicated clients for Windows and Macs as well as apps for iPhone and iPad.If you have any other device don't worry you can access there web interface  which allows streaming of music and video even without WiFi.
So why wait grab an account now from Backify


Friday, October 14, 2011

Google has introduced HTML5 powered Dynamic views for blogger while beautiful it lacks options to customise.

For adding Adsense just go to Earnings tab and enable ads and you will begin to see ads on your blog.

Google Analytics is the most used service for getting an estimate of your blogs or websites vistors,source of traffic and more.For integrating Google Analytics with blogger you had to add the code manually to your Blogger blog.

With the new update if you have a Google Analytics account just go to settings Others tab and enter your Google Analytics ID.

source[google buzz]

Seesmic is one Twitter client i have been coming back on my Windows laptop again and again.Now it has got a big update just when i was wondering did they drop support for it.

So what are its major features the major changes include support for profiles,scheduled tweets and conversations.Here is the full list of changes

Synchronization with Seesmic Profile
You can now synchronize your Seesmic Desktop with the accounts that are listed in your Seesmic Profile. Simply go into Settings and log in with your Seesmic Profile credentials. If you don’t have a Profile just yet, you can create one from Seesmic Desktop. This  post will show you exactly how to create a Profile from within Seesmic Desktop.

Scheduled posts
You can now schedule posts to be delivered on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Salesforce Chatter.

Conversation View
Click on the “in reply to” in a Twitter message to get the full conversation thread

Smart Search
Once you get it, you’ll LOVE it. Sometimes you want to investigate more than just the current conversation thread (if available) from a person on Twitter. Simply add keywords to the search term box, and you’ll be able to track what a person says about you or your brand within their profile panel.
The Smart Search feature is ONLY through a user’s timeline. In our example, if a user mentions seesmic OR loic OR iTibz OR yama (as entered below) you will find all mentions in one stream.
Don’t forget that you can search through all of Twitter via the search box in the upper right-hand corner.

Updated Profile Panel
We’ve added more features when looking up a Twitter user. You’ll find buttons to follow, unfollow, send direct messages and block people, as well as the same full controls that are available in a timeline.

Hashtags in Replies
When replying to a message with a hashtag, the hashtag will carry over to your message in the composer. This feature can be configured in the Twitter plugin settings.

Activities Column
This is a favorite feature that allows you to view who is following you, added you to a list, retweeted you, and more. We’ve updated this column to add a full control of actions, just like you would have in a timeline.

Facebook Picture Preview when Posting URLs
When posting URLs, you can now post a full picture to your Facebook Feed. Simply add your URL, and click on the Facebook “F” icon to get a preview of the URL. Choose a thumbnail and click “Apply” before sending

Post on a Friend’s Wall
Post directly on a friend’s wall through the Facebook Profile Panel!

Updated Notification Timeline
If someone comments on your status, simply click on the notification link to go back to the original status update

Keyboard navigation is available for highlighting items as you scroll through your timelines 
(You can use the arrow keys to move from one item to the next, or you can use J and K for scrolling up and down like on Google+, and H and L for moving across your columns.)

Spell checking integrated directly into the composer field
New alert settings url shortening service available when connected to your Seesmic Profile
The composer will change color when you approach the character limit for your selected services
Highlighted new feed items (when activated in Settings)
Timeline items can be marked as read and can also be hidden
The sidebar can be hidden, as well
 Other bug fixes and performance improvements

So don't wait the update will be pushed automatically or you can download from here


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Opera desktop browser has got a major update version 12 bringing Hardware acceleration,new web engine,better HTML5 support and more to give you a new experience in browsing the web.

The new features include

Faster graphics with hardware acceleration 

Although Opera's unique Vega graphics engine is already lightning fast, Opera is now using your computer's graphics card for extra processing power. This supercharged boost is called hardware acceleration and makes intensive web applications and games run even better.

To utilize hardware acceleration, Opera 12 alpha currently requires a graphics card, as well as OpenGL (Open Graphics Library). Further support, including DirectX, will come later.

To check whether your Opera 12 alpha installation supports hardware acceleration, type "opera:gpu" in Opera's address field.

New HTML5 engine

Instead of loading static images, the new HTML5 engine allows web applications to draw interactive graphics (SVG) directly on the page, making websites faster to load and more dynamic, as well as enhancing compatibility between browsers.

Faster browsing with reduced memory usage

Opera has fine tuned the browser to be more efficient: Opera 12 alpha has a 40% faster load time for secure websites and uses 30% less memory on websites with lots of JavaScript.

WebGL support for games 3D content

Until now, viewing games and 3D content meant installing various plug-ins. With WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library), Opera 12 can now generate interactive 3D graphics.

New themes

Themes, previously known as skins, have been improved, allowing any user to change the background image for the whole browser. Designers can also create new themes of their own more easily.

New address field

Opera's address field has been revamped with new search suggestions, and improved results display in history and bookmarks. A new star function allows you to add pages to bookmarks or Speed Dial instantly.

Download the latest version from


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Certain sites like Hulu or Pandora are geo resticted meaning that you can acess only from the US and even if you use a proxy service it won't work.Here is where VPN comes in handy they can overcome these restrictions but to get a reliable free one is difficult.
TunnelBear is pretty neat VPN service which gives you free 500mb monthly usage which can be extended to 1.5gb(till promotion's last) witha tweet.Just download the application signup and you are good to go.It just takes a few minutes to connect and once connected you can use any web browser to browse your favourite sites.
Download from here

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