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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cityville Zynga's next big thing after farmville

Zynga is best known for its sucess with farmville showing how the social game can work.With its new game zynga want to implement what it learnt from farmville and fronteirville into a one big game.
Zynga with its new release are introducing 3d game play to get a more wonderful experience.
The player will be the cityleader who is in charge of building the city from groundup.The player must create buildings like apartments restaurents and more.The more nicer a building looks the more rent you will get.You must not forget the citizens and keep them well fed and upto speed to run your country.
The social elements include helping your friends build there own cities,send them gifts and trade with them.You can own bulidings from your friends city.
So go to to play the game.

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