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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Google's Big chrome announcement

Yesterday was a big for google with Chrome os and Webstore offically being  announced.Here is an overview of the yesterday's announcement

Chrome Os

  • Chrome os was offically announced
  • google is launching a pilot program giving away notebooks with chrome os for testing
  • Notebooks will be launched commercially by samsung and acer on mid 2011 
  • notebook shipping with 2 year free data plan
  • partner with verizon
chrome browser

  • Google chrome now has 120 million users
  • improvements to crankshaft will make chrome faster
  • Google Instant coming to the Omnibox
  • the new PDF reader 
  • as well as support for graphical hardware acceleration
  • all of these features will be available on early acess build like canary or chromium build

  • An app store for the browser
  • feature both free and paid apps
  • The store is us only for the time being

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