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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get Adsense account easily with indyarocks

Google adsense is undoubtedly the leader in advertising with a large number of advertisers and its contextual technology showing releavant ads for each page.Getting into adsense network is tricky as you want a well established website to do so.So for those of you who don't have such a blog or website here is an alternative way to join. is social networking website allowing you to connect to friends,share photos and also get an adsense account.

So here is how
  • Signup for an account here
  • Now there is three minimum conditions to satisfy before they will allow you to apply for an account through them.
  • You have to complete your profile 
  • You have to upload 10 photos or more
  • Also share 2 quality articles
Though i would recommend you to take your time and don;t stick to the minimum and upload more than 10 photos or 2 articlesand also just change the theme of your profile page.Once you have crossed the minimum you can apply for an account with any email id(preferebly a gmail account) and you will recieve a confirmation email immediately and once you have confirmed,you will recieve a mail accepting you to adsense.If you have completed the minimum requirements you have a very good chance to get accepted.
Once accepted you will recieve revenue from ads shown on your profile page,also google allow you to use account to show ads on any website or blog.So you can login with your email id and add ads to your blogs and start to earn money.
Note:Don't use this method to get multiple adsense account it is against google policy and also take little time on indyarocks and add some friends customise your profile page and don't stick to minimum add some more this will increase your chance to get accepted 

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