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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Opera 12 alpha released with Hardware acceleration,new Web Engine and more

Opera desktop browser has got a major update version 12 bringing Hardware acceleration,new web engine,better HTML5 support and more to give you a new experience in browsing the web.

The new features include

Faster graphics with hardware acceleration 

Although Opera's unique Vega graphics engine is already lightning fast, Opera is now using your computer's graphics card for extra processing power. This supercharged boost is called hardware acceleration and makes intensive web applications and games run even better.

To utilize hardware acceleration, Opera 12 alpha currently requires a graphics card, as well as OpenGL (Open Graphics Library). Further support, including DirectX, will come later.

To check whether your Opera 12 alpha installation supports hardware acceleration, type "opera:gpu" in Opera's address field.

New HTML5 engine

Instead of loading static images, the new HTML5 engine allows web applications to draw interactive graphics (SVG) directly on the page, making websites faster to load and more dynamic, as well as enhancing compatibility between browsers.

Faster browsing with reduced memory usage

Opera has fine tuned the browser to be more efficient: Opera 12 alpha has a 40% faster load time for secure websites and uses 30% less memory on websites with lots of JavaScript.

WebGL support for games 3D content

Until now, viewing games and 3D content meant installing various plug-ins. With WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library), Opera 12 can now generate interactive 3D graphics.

New themes

Themes, previously known as skins, have been improved, allowing any user to change the background image for the whole browser. Designers can also create new themes of their own more easily.

New address field

Opera's address field has been revamped with new search suggestions, and improved results display in history and bookmarks. A new star function allows you to add pages to bookmarks or Speed Dial instantly.

Download the latest version from


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