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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Monoprice 9927 earphone Review

My trusty Creative EP-630 has given out after 5 years of usage and i wanted to have a replacement for it. I had read about Monoprice earphones from head fi [look at their helpful list] and thought it would be the best fit. Since it is US only, why can't these companies come to India?, and bought it for more than double its price online via Ebay.


The build made of non plastic thread like material is a good change and feels of good quality. But the wires get tangled quite easily, be prepared for that.


The earphones with earbuds of three sizes, I have misplaced them, as a result I’m stuck with the ones that they came with. The comfort is good, though not always, which may be a problem with the placement in the ear.


Compared to EP-630, it has a better audio clarity, medium bass and sounds great for music with instruments.But the noise isolation disappoints compared to EP-630. May be an extra pair of earbuds may do the trick. Having read about very good noise isolation i was a bit disappointed.


For the price I bought on Ebay Rs. 1400, it's a bit overpriced, but if you have someone in the US, you can get it for half that. Otherwise EP-630 is a good alternative, if you want better noise cancellation.

Note: I have also used SoundMagic ES 18 but it's nowhere good as both EP-630 and Monoprice.

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