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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Opera 11 beta with extensions,Tab Stacking and more

Opera is renown for its opera mini mobile browser which has the largest user share and brings desktop browsing to almost all mobiles.The desktop browser has been there first product and is a much respected one.They have send the trend for other browsers to follow like tabs,speed dial,opera link and more.Always opera looks out of the box to implement the best new features and to create a browser that looks beautiful.

But one thing they have missed out until now was the extension support and with there version 11 they are introducing that too.This will hopefully bring more users who were not using opera due to lack of extensions.There are a couple of other exiting additions too like

Tab Stacking-Easily organise your tabsli
Very light weight 6mb compared to 20mb chromeli
Better performanceli
simplified address barli
search suggestionsli
enhanced mouse gestures and moreli

So dont weight go and download opera 11 from www.opera.comnextwww.opera.combrowsernext

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