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Monday, April 11, 2011

Opera 11.10 to be released tomorrow with faster and better Opera Turbo

Opera 11.10 was announced to bring some exiting updates like better HTML5 feature support,better speed dial and easy installation of plugins.A new post by Opera has revealed that the Opera Turbo the technology that powers Opera Mini also available to Desktop browser has got rather big update.
The turbo is really useful for slow connections or a crowded wifi and gives a good speed up but the one thing you will notice first is that the images all looks weel blurred.This is due to compression and decompression which reduces the quality of photo.Now they will be using WebP which promises better quality image at lower quality.And it does what it says look to the image below.

                                                             Image courtesy of mauriz.
Much better and also in smaller size.The turbo has also got other changes like

  • Added WebP compression as a replacement for JPEG
  • More efficient, and fewer, network connections
  • Faster secure connections (SSL)
So you will see faster and also better brwosing with Opera Turbo.The final version will be live tommorow if you wan't the latest relase candidate here is the link


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